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If you Have the Plane We Have the Pilot !!

Scale Pilots waiting to scramble

"1/4 Scale Pilots waiting to be scrambled" 
Recalled Back for Duty

1/12 to 1/2 Scale WW1 & WW2  Full & Half body Pilots, Head & Shoulders, Bust etc
Vintage Sports & Glider Pilots

All Pilots are fully painted and come flight ready
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Hello I am Roger Hawkins, after becoming a Radio Control Enthusiast in 2000, I found it increasingly difficult to source the quality pilots I needed to complete my latest project (Pete’s Pilots were the only choice for me).

Originally created and made by Pete Richardson of “Pete’s Pilots” fame in the early 1980’s & 90’s.

Having now acquired the original latex moulds from Peter I am able to continue to produce quality lightweight latex pilots myself, bringing to the RC world scale detail, authenticity, originality, quality and to add to these features “Some good old nostalgia”.

Every pilot is individually handmade, painted & finished by myself adding real personality and character to each pilot.
I hope to play a part in supporting and keeping the wonderful British traditional kit manufacturers alive.

The scales I am producing are 1/12 to 1/2 Scale Pilots - these include WW1,  WW2, Vintage, Sport and Glider Pilots.  

“Happy Landings”

tiger moth

Scale Pilots with Character !

For that final scale touch fit a "Rogers Pilot"

 Roger of Rogers Pilots